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Wearable Wellness

Essential Oil Diffusers Crafted With Raw Lava Stones

Wearable Wellness

Aromatherapy that Shines.


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$39.00 - $79.00

$39.00 - $79.00

$39.00 - $79.00

$39.00 - $79.00

$39.00 - $79.00

$149.00 - $299.00

Diffuse & Enjoy.

In addition to helping our customers look their best, we love that we get to offer you an experience. Whether you need to concentrate, to unwind, to boost your immune system, or to harness any of the other known benefits of essential oils, we are here to help!

With your personal Olani oil dropper (which comes FREE with each necklace) rub your favorite essential oils directly onto the lava stone. Then sit back, relax & enjoy as the aromatherapy begins to take affect.

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How it Works


Set your intention and select your favorite essential oil.


Rub 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oils onto the lava stone..


Sit back, relax & enjoy the effects of aromatherapy.

Quality You Can Trust

Our team here at Olani is focused on providing the best quality for the best price. Not only do we offer exclusive products, we stand behind our belief in quality over quantity, keeping each lava stone 100% Natural.

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