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Wearable Wellness

Essential Oil Diffusers Crafted With Raw Lava Stones

Wearable Wellness

Aromatic Therapy for all Folx


Beauty & Function

Each Olani necklace has been hand-crafted with both beauty and function in mind so that you not only look great but feel great. Simply choose your favorite design, add your chosen oil, and enjoy the benefits of personal, portable aromatherapy through our minimalist essential oil-diffusing lava stone necklaces.

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$39.00 - $79.00

$39.00 - $79.00

$39.00 - $79.00

$39.00 - $79.00

$39.00 - $79.00

$149.00 - $299.00

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Delicate Little Necklaces

"Great little necklaces for children through mature ladies! I can't wait to offer them in my class!"

Samantha B.

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Love love love

"I can’t say enough great things about the quality of this piece.. It’s so dainty and going to be a great piece to layer. I’m going to have to order more styles"

Morgan C

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Lava necklace

"Love it!! Use it with my oils and helps me throughout the day"

Celina M.

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"These necklaces are darling!! I wear mine every single day. It’s such a versatile piece and it actually works! I’ll add a drop of oil and i can smell it throughout the day"

Elizabeth P.

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Best necklace I own!

"I am so thrilled that I purchased this necklace. Not only is it super cute, but getting to carry around the scent of my favorite essential oils gives me the boost I need throughout the day."

Cynthia J.

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Beautiful gifts

"We love this! I bought one for myself & another style for a friend. They are elegant little chains with the the simple art of a lava bead. Super stylish, minimal, but very eye-catching! Highly recommend."

Breana N.

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"It was a smooth process ordering and delivery to Geneva, Switzerland. The package was beautiful and it made a lovely gift to my friend! Thank you so much!"

Shweta N.

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Fabulous necklace!

"I love my necklace! I get complements everywhere I go and it’s so nice to always be smelling my oils! "

Mackenzie W.

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"I gifted this to a friend and she loved it! I was worried about the quality since this was my first Purchase but it looked like great quality and everything was perfect. Packaging was nice also."

Jesica B.

Diffuse & Enjoy

In addition to helping our customers look their best, we love that we get to offer you an experience. Whether you need to concentrate, to unwind, to boost your immune system, or to harness any of the other known benefits of essential oils, we are here to help!

With your personal Olani oil dropper (which comes FREE with each necklace) rub your favorite essential oils directly onto the lava stone. Then sit back, relax & enjoy as the aromatherapy begins to take affect.

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How it Works


Set your intention and select your favorite essential oil.


Rub 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oils onto the lava stone..


Sit back, relax & enjoy the effects of aromatherapy.

Quality You Can Trust

Our team here at Olani is focused on providing the best quality for the best price. Not only do we offer exclusive products, we stand behind our belief in quality over quantity, keeping each lava stone 100% Natural.


Wellness Made Wearable

Beautiful design meets aromatherapy to help cultivate positive change in your life

14k & 24k Gold

The most precious metal while maintaining durability and longevity at an affordable price.

Raw Lava Stone

The most porous and absorbant stone with charcteristics that promote grounding.

Aromatherapy Everywhere

Improve the health of your body, mind, and spirit by diffusing aromatic essential oils, an ancient healing art.

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